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Do Just a Tiny Bit of Research on Your Own

This case is overflowing with very easy to find obvious evidence. Here's a tip of the absurdly giant iceberg.
1) 110 lb. Asperger’s syndrome (can’t handle changes in the routine), very passive, geeky kid, all the sudden goes on a shooting rampage (with marksmanship killing efficiency)??
2) Wore a mask (could’ve been anyone), but had his brother’s ID (hadn’t seen him in 3 years)??
3) Used only handguns, but the medical examiner said all the killing was done with a rifle (that was found in Christopher A. Rodia’s car) ??
4) Lone shooter, but no less than three other men caught on the scene, some wearing combat attire??
5) No videos, pictures, even though there was a sophisticated surveillance system??
6) Bodies moved to the firehouse to be autopsied??
7) Parents not allowed to see their children one last time (given photoshopped pictures)??
8 ) Students heard police on the roof during the shooting. Yet, the police didn’t get there till nine minutes after??
9) 150-200 rounds of gunfire according to medical examiner, yet the students said it sounded only like the janitor was dropping things, some said they only heard cops on the roof.
10) Teacher barricaded herself and her students in a bathroom with a bookshelf... from the bathroom??
11) Lots of crying witnesses, with no actual tears on any of them (Obama did some fake tear wiping as well).
12) The motive was because his mom wasn’t giving him attention because she was a devoted kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary, so he killed her and her students at the school (Nancy Lanza wasn’t a teacher, and never worked at the school).