Comment: Envious of ones own possessions - ROFL

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Envious of ones own possessions - ROFL

So now a person is envious of their own possessions? Booger eating jibberish... Are you a Nihilist too?

Remember what I said about the true meaning of envy? To be envious you don't even necessarily want to possess the object of your unjust desire. For an envious man, it's enough to just take it away from the person you're envious of, and here you are, trying to define the person who has possession of what you unjustly want as envious. Let's free him of his envy!? Let's serve justice by looting our neighbors, taking possession of their possessions, freeing them of their envy... ROFL

YOU are the envious one attempting to put your nature to good use, but you can't figure out how, because there's no productive use for envy.

What you're talking about is greed, and covetous men fuel greed as well, because why would anybody want to be charitable with people who hate them; the fear of God? "Love thy enemy?"

Wow... God wins again. He's always right. Even a charity case will serve Gods will, and being one isn't something to be ashamed of. Being a charity case is one of the hardest roads to travel in life. It's filled with tears, pain, and longing for the dignity so many people would deny them.