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Cool! I've explained that many times but didn't know there was a word for it. It's going in my dictionary.

As I mentioned above, I think people migrate towards more wealth in an attempt to climb the social ladder. If so, we can simply view the 'drift' you refer to as an escalation of weapons.

An example:
If people fight with sticks and a group isn't doing so great, they'll invent the sword. If sword fighting doesn't yield a win, they'll invent guns, and so on. After physical weapons reach their pinnacle, the weapons will migrate toward financial and then mental maneuvers. What we're in today is the pinnacle of those. The good news is that open and instant communications via the internet is exposing them at an exponential rate. Sure, it's still a small movement, but as with any exponential growth, it appears small until right before the end.

Back on point, the 'drift' being discussed is actually not an example of entropy (toward chaos) but ectropy (migrating away from chaos). One must look at the individual stages, not the overall result.