Comment: Awesome "Evidence List" down below - Also....

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Awesome "Evidence List" down below - Also....

So the kid was supposedly on the Autism Spectrum? I've done a lot of reading and studying about it - and that is a GIGANTIC red flag. You know one of the tell-tale signs that someone is autistic?

Answer: They aren't interested in PEOPLE.

And yet he supposedly was so crazed over the lack of attention from his mother that he killed her and then was STILL full of rage which he RANDOMLY directed at RANDOM children? What?

None of that is legit.

Autistic people are good mood people.
In fact, about the only times they get in bad moods is when normal people ASSERT themselves into the autistic person's awareness.

I also like the list of "Coincidental Drills"

9/11 -> similar military drills hindered their response.
7/7 (london bombing) -> similar terrorist drills hindered response times.
CT Shooting: FEMA Children's Emergency Response Drills in the neighboring town (school near arms factory) Is that where the Newton police went? Toward the town where FEMA was? Hindered their response time.
CO Movie Theater: Literally, they were doing a mock "Movie theater rampage" drill going on in a medical building 1 town over.

I love all the research people have been doing.
This is way more information than you'll get from any tv news source.