Comment: Each of us owning and controlling the gun is key.

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Each of us owning and controlling the gun is key.

IF such a gun existed, it would be deemed the most dangerous thing in the world, bought off and buried, destroyed, and should anybody mention it, they would be ridiculed and told to go put on their tinfoil hat.

Our planet is ran by people who view overpopulation as the greatest threat to humanity; Malthusians who call poison medicine and murder "healthcare for poor people". They view people as a scourge, as a disease, like a runaway herd of deer feeding on what they think they own. They see themselves as having dominion over mankind.

How hard do you think it would be to create what you're talking RIGHT NOW through mechanized industry, a perpetual motion machine that spits out clean food? I know, perpetual motion machines don't exist, but that's where cheating comes into play.

Imagine a perpetual motion machine that gets its fuel from the sun and distillation; free energy. What if you could build a mechanized farm that ran on rails and free energy, a perfect expression of recycling and mans ingenuity; would you? What if you could feed all all the worlds people without them EVER having to work again... Good or bad?

How long would it take before that technology fell into the hands of an evil man who'd try to control it and god forbid, turn it off, knowing people were dependent on the machine? What if the only people interested in building such a machine are the same ones who want to turn it off in the first place?

That's what Communism is really about, creating a machine that's sure to break down, and getting everybody on it's nipple before it does.

We need an integration gun in each household, controlled by those who give life value, otherwise those who give human life LESS than no value end up at the levers of power.