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Imperfect analogy

Entropy is not so much chaos as it is simplification or a return back to nothing, or a move from complex, such as organic life, to simple, such as a hydrogen atom.

As far as I know (qualifier).

Ectropy, on the other hand, is analogous to the concept of God, whereby there is a power at work in the move from simple to complex, such as a universe consisting of nothing, and then there is hydrogen, and then there is oxygen, then water, on and on.

The viewpoint of a scale where chaos is on one end and on the other end is order may be analogous to Thermodynamics, but I think your application does not fit well, when you fit it into human behavior.

Chaos and Order on a scale of human behavior doesn't actually fit, since humans are individuals, autonomous, and therefore chaos is the rule, not the exception.

If Order was the rule, not the exception, then we would all think the same things, at the same times, do the same things, at the same times, and in the same places.

Ants could be understood as beings that are being orderly, on that type of scale.

I think that a place and a time where human beings are being orderly and not chaotic is exemplified in Cambodia during Pol Pot's regime (financed by Wall Street Legal Criminals), whereby everyone was thinking about destroying everyone else with few exceptions, and the proof of that fact was recorded as The Killing Fields.

So the scale, if someone really wants to build one, where the most orderly example of human behavior is known and placed on the scale of being that most orderly example, and it is Pol Pot's Cambodia on that end of the scale, then what would be the example on the other end of the scale?

How about the time period between 1776 and 1788 in America?

Seriously consider the idea, please, before dismissing it.

If the idea is to build a scale of orderly on one end and chaos on the other end, involving human behavior, then it requires a laundry list of exactly what the actual people do that constitutes ORDER.

These people on this ORDERLY end of the scale are doing this at this time.


These people on the opposite end of the scale, all these people over here, at this time, are all doing these things, and all these things constitute disorder or chaos.

I think that you will find that the number of things being done on that scale, on the ORDERLY side of things, end up being one thing: Destroy life (entropy).

I think that you will find that the number of things being done on the other end of that scale are infinite since life survives well past the life span of this little planet.