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I appreciate you

taking the time to further clarify your hypothesis...I did not see your others comments, so I was commenting only on that particular post. Let me preface (for Josf's sake) that I am in no way trying to "drag your good name through the mud" or "discredit" your ideas or have any personal grudge against you, I just am having a difficult time envisioning a situation where your scenario could ever actually occur, and your whole premise is based on a worldview where people are basically good (except for the vast minority) and my belief is that people are not basically it would be difficult to come to a consensus of thought about what the solution to our problems would be.

Just to further clarify in my mind what you are proposing, I have a couple of questions/comments:

Unless you have a lot of money to start with, how do you avoid banks while operating a business? Businesses cost a lot of money to run, especially start-up costs, where is the initial capital to run the business to come from?

You also state after wages increase, you have "a new mindset of workers" but then go on to state that with this new mindset you can then turn to automation and get rid of the need for employees all together....if increased wages improved their mindset, how is no job at all going to affect it? Who is in control of all the money the company makes? Are you suggesting that the industry now runs for the benefit of the community and they all share the profits equally, while no longer having to work? What would people now do with their lives? I think that if people were basically good, you may very well be able to successfully create the situation you envision. I; however, personally think that it would be impossible in the world we live in, especially on a worldwide scale, because there will always be the group of people who try to rig the game, or fix the books or steal, lie, kill or cheat to give themselves a competitive advantage, if not with money, than by some other means.

The one area I think we can agree on is that central banking is the source of many of the economic problems we currently face and the first order of business should be to find a way to destroy that system...through public awareness and competition. I don't think that we need to go so far as to get rid of money all together (nor do I think that you successfully could) but getting rid of the central banking fiat money system we have would definately be a good start.

I also need to add; however, that as a Christian I do not think that the world's problems will ever be solved outside of God being the solution. I know that you don't agree, and I respect your right to disagree, but ultimately it is a topic where we will have to agree to disagree. :)