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And I sincerely wish you the best of luck with that

I'm new to the GOP, only joined when Ron Paul announced his second campaign bid for president. Originally I was a Libertarian, joined in 76 and by 92, was fed up with the party nominating Repub;licans, and getting no where.. none of our issues had been passed in all those years.

So I joined with Ralph Nader when he decided to run for president as a way to open debates and ballots for third parties and independents. For three elections, the brutality, crimes against us by both major parties.. all we won were multible law suits in multible states, withy broken noses, arms, false arrests, and laws that disabled us from bailing each other out of jail.

Ron Paul's camapign was a cake walk by comparison, the hardest part being to join the GOP, for the dirty trisks that were played by the GOP on RP CANs, was very small by comparison.

It was not easy for me to join the GOP, but once I was in.. I saw the OZ behind the curtain, and I am so grateful that I was not alone, for one of my favorite things to do now is to go to a GOP meeting with my Ron Paul buddies and vote the Neocons down and out.

I just got this email from REVpack, had this in t:

When in the course of political events, the political party out of power so covets power that it abandons its principles and becomes the doppelgänger of the party in power, it becomes the highest and noblest purpose of liberty-minded people to defeat the impostor party they once called their own. For only then will it be possible for a new, principled party or a principled reincarnation of the impostor party to rise from the ashes in due course.

This is where the revolution begins; not on the streets but in the House, the People’s House.

This is a great fight and I'm loving it. Good luck with yours!

One of us will win.. I will be RP RepubliCANS BIG TIME.