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You say a lot here

So I will probably not be able to give the reply your comment deserves.

You say, "the people who are controlling are ... a lineage of people, not just anyone because anyone would be arbitrary and not withstand observation today and history as opposed to the history taught worldwide in government schools or schools governments influence, accidental history."

I am just confused by this. So you are saying that those who try to control are just a select group of people, a certain race or something? I agree that the group controlling is a small segment of the world's population. I suppose what I meant is that most people would do the same thing given the chance. Those in control got their because they were born into it, or through some chance of life got into that situation. My point is that any human would do the same if given the chance because it is in our nature to enslave others. My example of the Peasant Revolt was apt.

Ever heard of the curse of the lottery? Anyone who wins pretty much gets their life ruined. This is not because money is evil, but with money comes power, and power corrupts. My premise that our nature is inherently bad is shown when one has the power to do what he/she wants, i.e. winning the lottery.

I won't bite on the slaves discovering they are slaves thing. While it sounds like an interesting discussion I think it would take us off topic more.

"So, sarx, do you acknowledge the money changers and their using consolidation since at least Jesus' time"

Yes. Sure. I would agree that this has been happening, even before Jesus' time.

"As for your want to create a system to ensure slavery prohibition expand on it so I can comment on it."

I suppose I wasn't trying to advocate for any system, rather, just trying to support my original premise that humans are inherently corrupt. I do think slavery is bad, depending on how we define slavery of course, and freedom is good. But, it really just depends on how we define our terms.

"Be a listener only, keep within yourself, and endeavor to establish with yourself the habit of silence, especially on politics." -Thomas Jefferson