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There is already a Rand Paul rEVOLution

I am definately experiencing a rEVOLution in the GOP and everyone I know that is backing RP in the GOP is now backing Rand NOW.

There are thousands of excited Rand Paul rEVOLutionaries in the GOP who are fighting on the front lines, those outside the GOP deny (such as yourself) or are unaware due to other interests, but we exist.

It is not the thousands of college kids that are going to rEVOLutionize the GOP as a FORCE FOR libery in restoring the republic.. it is those thousands who are engaged, seated, attending meetings, voting, learning RROOs, the GOP structure, platform, inniatives, resolutions, committees, national, federal, state and locally.

We exist, and it is those among us, from Amash to Blosser, who will be attracting the college kids and that especially includes Rand because no one beats Rand at the level he's at. A senator who gets MSM attention, and teaches us that laws have many parts, built like a deck of cards..

Those of us who have the message, which Rand and we who are the heirs to that message IN THE GOP, have a job to materialize that message. We will lose some battles but we will win this war of ideas in restoring the republic because we are doing way more than waving signs and smoking DMT in the name of Liberty, but facing those who have voted to enslave us at the GOP table, and replacing them with ourselves so we can materialize RP's message (like how Boehner replaced us.. yes, it's a battle).

Rand is no dummy.. he's so much further ahead than the majority of us when it comes to politics.. he's seen what they did to his Dad, who won because he stayed in the game.. Rand will also stay in the game. It's the only way to win. And I'm not knocking sign waving.. enjoy.. but I don't see how an informed poublic that does nothing but store food and ammo, and waits for the nextRP who is not a Republican to stop up to campaign for them is going to restore anything, least of all the Republic.