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Certainly an

intriguing and well-thought out idea, and also it sounds as if you have already started to put it into practice...correct? And my initial perception does seem to be incorrect (as far as socialism goes) because it appears that this is a voluntary system, while socialism is typically implemented with force. It would be very interesting to see how it unfolds and the topic is definitely worth it's own separate post, where you could maybe provide periodic updates on your progress...

We are in agreement about how to deal with the central banking issue as well, just shutting them down would be next to impossible at this point; however, if true competition (alternative currencies, or even what you are proposing) were introduced, I believe it would be just a matter of time until they implode, just as you stated.

Just for clarification too, although Christianity states that all are born with original sin (including newborns), you are not held accountable for your actions until you reach the age of consent, which in the Jewish tradition is traditionally 13 or so (even we do not contend that God sends infants to Hell). Unfortunately, as all things in this world tend to get corrupted, so too has "religion" and many things have been done in the name of it that have nothing to do with what the Bible actually says.

Good luck with your endevour and please do keep us posted!