Comment: Matt Damon is worse than a Communist.

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Matt Damon is worse than a Communist.

Matt Damon: "The wealthy are paying less than they paid at any time else, certainly in my lifetime, and probably in the last century," Damon said. "I don't know what we were paying in the roaring 20's; it's criminal that so little is asked of people who are getting so much. I don't mind paying more. I really don't mind paying more taxes. I'd rather pay for taxes than cut 'Reading is Fundamental' or Head Start or some of these programs that are really helping kids. This is the greatest country in the world; is it really that much worse if you pay 6% more in taxes? Give me a break. Look at what you get for it: you get to be American."

You get to be an American... Wow, thanks Matt! You mean unless the covetous horde gets what they unjustly want and force somebody else pay their way in the world, I don't get to be an American anymore?

Hmmm. This guy is a self aware puppet serving the people who rig the game. Obama isn't liberal enough for Matt Damon. If he wanted to give more, there's nothing stopping him.