Comment: I think it is late in the day.

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I think it is late in the day.

My belief is that Man is in a state of decay and corruption that ends in death. As we look at the physical world around us it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that death reigns supreme. It is this condition of mortality that is the mainspring of our moral lives. We each have a consciousness of our appointment with death and seek to accomplish as much as we can with the limited time we have available.

Whatever our intentions may be, whether one accounts them good or bad, this imperative will often lead us to adopt means to reach our goals that are less than good while simultaneously seeking to portray our goals as good since we are rationalising as opposed to rational creatures. We tend to take short cuts and spend little time to think through the consequences of our actions. This is amplified by our individual alienation from one another and our individual ambitions, passions and appetites. These lead to conflicting views on any course of action and even on the definition of what good action entails. We are quintessentially self serving and will rationalise everything we do to the greatest extent possible.

When we multiply all these individual tendencies into the actions of corporate mankind we can readily see the cause of the wars and revolutions that have plagued us from the beginning of human history. Anyone who has observed his fellow human beings and given thought to their tendencies will know that we will do in crowds things we would never countenance doing individually. Acting as a body we will authorise our leaders to engage in wars. in oppression of our neighbours and in theft on a grand scale under the guise of humanitarian objectives. What we have deliberately forbidden any one of us to do individually we shall nevertheless carry out collectively with a clear conscience having once more rationalised our actions as being in support of the group whether our nation or religion or ethnicity or sex.

Individually our immoral tendencies can be controlled by our fear of death or excommunication from our group. This results in moral codes with the purpose of controlling these adverse individual tendencies. Whether these moral codes originate with a supreme deity or have evolved due to historic exigencies they tend to be enforced by collective consent through agencies of the government whether religious bodies or security forces.

The control of intra social groups is generally accomplished most effectively by the control of the individuals who comprise such groups. Within any given society one or more groups will tend to achieve dominance and enforce their purposes on the other groups in the society through moral suasion and psychological messaging. The control of inter social groups is generally accomplished through war, subversion, revolution, international law backed by military action and economic sanctions. None of these actions would be countenanced if they were carried out by individuals with the exception of a mild form of economic sanctions.

Given this framework we can see I think that the direction in which humanity is trending is towards more collective action inter socially and control of individuals intra socially. This implies, if the original observation is correct, that we shall become increasingly lawless inter socially and totalitarian intra socially. It is difficult to see how this trend could be changed to any meaningful extent given that the underlying ontological principles are derived from our mortality, our alienation, our ambitions, our passions and our appetites. The interaction of good and evil within this framework is actually one of the dynamics enforcing its effectiveness.

Specifically addressing the question of gun control in the United States, the controlling group(s) will obviously fear the possession of arms by any large group that might threaten their control. Individual possession of guns is not a threat. However to neutralise any possible group threat it is necessary to disarm all individuals except those under the control of the ruling group(s). Therefore events in which shocking massacres take place must be portrayed as the work of an individual "lone" gunman.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)