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Enter Meshnet

What many need to understand is that if we are to return to the constitution, things like Meshnet, 3d printing, fabrication labs, independent servers, anti surveilliance/spy programs , megabox, self garden growing, even drinking water over nestle makes huge difference, are what we support and should turn to, its that simple, self sufficiency is how you bleed the oligarch's system. just like the founding fathers became their own designers and inventors and tea makers. the age of consumerism is turning into the age of independence

I quote an article "The Fab Lab is a microfactory that can "make almost anything." His Fab Lab has since been replicated all over the world in what he calls the personal fabrication revolution. It aims at turning a world of dependent consumers into independent designers and producers." THIS IS HAPPENING NOW AND WE NEED TO HELP THOSE PEOPLE AND SHOW THE PTB, IT'S NOT YOUR CONTROL ANYMORE

. creativity is much more important than guns, though we were warned in the past about an authoritarian society, many simply didnt see the technologies and innovation coming about that can be used to reverse this, reversing a 100 year system isn't easy, it takes time