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You're right, it is not any

You're right, it is not any kind of concrete proof. But logically, they have three similar articles. The first one according to their timestamp is very short. The next one according to their timestamp is basically the same as the first with additions, and the 3rd according to their timestamps is basically the second one with yet still more additions. It is logical that as more information, whether contrived or otherwise, becomes available that the articles would follow such a path. It would be illogical that the article would get shorter as more information became available.

Of course considering the publisher claims to have interviewed a dead person, its obvious we're talking about illogical people here, or just simply idiots, which would equate to illogical...

You would think that if they were going to bother to change the timestamps, they'd also take out the interview with the walking dead...

This all makes me wonder how much common sense exist HERE on this site...

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