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Nothing personal, just some

Nothing personal, just some observations.

Maybe, highly trained at exactly what?

I am an older guy and have been attending a state college. From some conversation with some of the professors there, I am troubled.

Generally speaking, it seems like as if, higher educated also coincides with a loss of some basic fundamentals' from a free humanity and history perspective.

I have been looking at things from the view of, that higher educated is supposedly considered to be the smarter segment of society, the best. Yet, with all these smarter folks in government and educating positions, why is this country so screwed up?

I almost feel like from now on, asking a person if they are higher educated. That sort of would trigger a red flag since the odds are that I would be dealing with someone who has loss of some fundamentals.

I have six more courses to go and wonder what the mindset of the next ones will be.