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"The rights of conscience, trial by jury, liberty of the press, all your immunities and franchises, all pretensions to human rights and privileges, are rendered insecure, if not lost, by this change, so loudly talked of by some, and inconsiderately by others. Is this tame relinquishment of rights worthy of freemen? Is it worthy of that manly fortitude that ought to characterize republicans?"
- Patrick Henry

Link provided gratis by Joe Kelley to bear during the year of 2012 whereby bear learned that there are issues of enslavement with what is called the Constitution of the United States

Why did my "free" public education not teach me of the freedoms expounded by Patrick Henry and those stolen by Alexander Hamilton?

Why did someone named Josf on the Daily Paul have to teach me such

Perhaps there are fundamental differences and the question that needs to be asked is Cui Bono?

Joe, I hope you and yours had a good Christmas.