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definition of slander: a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report.

Did you, or did you not accuse me of willfully and intentionally creating a false argument (Strawman argument) with the sole intent of discrediting a forum member by falsely associating them with criminals? That, to me would constitute slander of me because quite simply it is false, and slander, by it's very nature, is unkind. Are you actually claiming that you know what my intent was? and how is that possible when you don't know me at all.

How does it not occur to you that it is possible for someone to misunderstand what is being said by another without there being a grand plan of defamation behind it all?

If you actually read my first comment you would see that it says "that sounds like socialistic thinking to me" (not a declarative statement that the poster was a socialist) and then I go on to make statements to clarify why I thought that and ask questions to better understand what the poster was getting at. And not everyone that thinks socialism is a good idea falls into the category of a criminal. There are plenty of people that think it is a good idea, but are simply misguided or just don't fully understand it. Not everyone is as smart as you are Josf.

By the way, if you read my full conversation with the poster you will see that my comments and questions were patiently and politely answered by the poster and he/she never once accused me of having some grand scheme to discredit or defame anybody. In fact, I think we came to a better understanding of each other and I find the poster to be a quite pleasant person indeed.

I really have nothing else to add to this discussion Josf that hasn't already been said...