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See my responses above. I

See my responses above. I think you misunderstand me. But biased? No more so than you. On the other hand, I probably know the political opinions of more college professors than all my respondents combined, so my sample size is better for estimation. The university system is really nearly a perfect microcosm of how the federal government works (or doesn't work, more specifically). When the government started handing out tons of guaranteed student aid, the universities expanded dramatically, mostly with unnecessary programs and more middle management. The quality of a university education went down and the price went up! However, the quality didn't decline because of the quality of the faculty. It has never been more challenging to find a job as a full time faculty member, but it has never been easier for a high school student to go to college, regardless of academic record or ability to pay for it. What's wrong with that equation? Same thing as the housing bubble and the same thing that will be wrong with health care.