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Comment: So you changed the headline for of your post aye?

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So you changed the headline for of your post aye?

What does that say about your honesty when you tried to argue that envy and desire are the same thing? If you believed that, you wouldn't edit the title would you?

"The actor is not the original producer"

I'm not ignoring it at all. Remember what I said about an envious caveman not being capable of producing or trading for his own spear? Whatever it is somebody envies is beyond their reach, something that they don't have a right to whether it be your spear, your money, your girl, your home, your land, your achievements, or your level of respect. They'll try to take what they covet with force.

YOU are the one ignoring something, and it's the difference between desire and envy, and not knowing the difference is why I'm forced to say over and over again that Anarchists are worthless to liberty.

They need to ignore what threatens that caveman's liberty, the second caveman's covetous nature, the one without a spear, nor will they serve justice on the second caveman or "cavemen" when they come to take what they covet.

It doesn't stop at trinkets either. Covetous (cave)men LOVE ganging up on you, and they'll take much more than your spear. They'll take your home, your land, your women, and your children. They'll cut out their hearts just to prove that they serve what's right and just, to show that they've won, and that "damned know it all caveman with the spear" was NOTHING, just another fool here to serve them.

Benign envy.... Could that describe any Anarchists life story? They unjustly want something, but need somebody else to serve as their instrument of injustice. There's something else about Anarchists that becomes clear when you talk to them; they're cowards; benign in their envy, and need to find somebody else to serve their envy: "For Humans to Progress We MUST Learn to Channel ENVY Productively"

Who is it that's "grasping at straws"? I would call changing the entire subject of your idea "grasping" for a life preserver.

Don't EVER try and tell me envy can serve some productive purpose Anarchist. I'll stomp your envious ass because unlike an Anarchist, I'm a Libertarian and have NO PROBLEM serving justice.