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Hi DW, How are you doing? I think this is a great topic in the light of "Christmas" and all the wants and desires prevalent this time of year as we see what others get and what we receive...

I am sorry, I did not read the thread completely and did not realize you had been battling semantics already.

I hope some of the things I highlighted regarding love, contentment, priorities and thankfulness were appropriate to the topic regardless of the semantics dealing with envy and desire. I do believe regarding the points of action you offered that the first one:

“1. Take what causes the envy by use or threat of force against the possessor.”

Will result from unchecked envy.

And that the other 2 courses of action you suggested are constructive to the end of achieving desired goals via positive actions. However those actions must be tempered between priorities.

I heard a talk recently regarding golf balls…

So, I would add a 4th point but would make it the first point.

Consider the cost of achieving your desire and determine whether the desire is commensurate with your life goals. Goals I try to hold to is an acronym learned as a child which spells JOY:

1. Jesus (Is this God’s will for me?)
2. Others (How will this affect others?)
3. Yourself (How will this affect me?)