Comment: Not to diminish this guy's theory

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Not to diminish this guy's theory

But you don't need to invent something with your hands (something physical, tangible) in order to invent something.

You telling me Netflix wasn't an innovative invention? The first mainstream online film streaming service. Or Photoshop? That's like discovering how to use a chisel and stone back in the stone ages.

There's a lot more technology can do for us, the problem is when it starts ruling us.

There's a game called Deus Ex: Human Revolution - it has one of the top story lines in a game I've ever seen. It's based in the future when humans have gained the technology of "augmentations." - They used the augments to upgrade body parts: arms, legs, eyes, etc.
Except there's a catch 22 because in the game their bodies naturally reject the augments...they have to buy expensive medicine from the companies who built the augmentations in order to survive. As the game gets closer to the end they show how much power they really have when nearly everyone with augments dies by the push of a mere button.

No, technology has much, much more to give us - the problem is determining when we've had too much.

Btw, here's a trailer for Deus Ex - it's 5 mins long for anyone interested at a look at game of the year for 2011.