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Done, found it at Wikipedia

These lines gave me a chill: "White fled the scene as Feinstein entered the office where Milk lay dead. She grabbed his wrist for a pulse, her finger entering Milk's bullet wound. Horrified, Feinstein was shaking so badly she required support from the police chief after identifying both bodies."

After an experience such as that, I can understand her personal drive to ensure that gun violence never happens again. However, depriving people of guns isn't the way to do it. Arming them is. Repealing all gun legislation immediately would be a good first step; the Constitution is the highest law of the land and should have been amended in order for them to have taken my fingerprints to get a "license" for my right.

And I hope she has someone competent to talk to. That's a scarring event. Thank you, Dialed-IN, very much; I now understand the opposition better.

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