Comment: When you carry a gun for a living you should be prepared for....

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When you carry a gun for a living you should be prepared for....

.....the consequences.

When, as a prison guard, prisoners asked me if I would really shoot somebody, I stated that I took the money and it is part of the job. There are many prisoners I would not want out in society around citizens, and in an escape attempt you don't have time to find out if the person escaping is a good person or a bad person ( just because someone is in prison does not necessarily mean they are a bad person, especially since so many are in prison for crimes they did not commit). If you take the money for a job you should be ready to do what needs to be done.

Do I advocate shooting law enforcement personnel? Absolutely not. However, if police officers would not break more laws than they are enforcing perhaps so many of them would not get shot. Have you ever been illegally arrested? I have. Several times in fact (once for a speeding ticket I had paid 5 years before). Police will gladly violate your Constitutional rights in order to arrest you for a perceived infraction of a misdemeanor. The police in most cases are the real criminals because they have been given authority from the state to pick and choose what laws they want to enforce and against whom they want to enforce those laws. It is called 'discretionary power'.

My first day in Criminal Justice class the instructor, a retired sergeant from San Antonio, stated if an officer wanted to arrest someone but did not have a valid reason to do so, go ahead and arrest them. By the time you get the person to the station somebody will have thought of a charge.

Today, most cops are the real criminals. Only about 25% are peace officers, the rest are busy abusing their authority and the citizens.