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You are mistaken

Three of the fourt Supreme Court decisions that you have cited are not from the US Supreme Court. The 1st is from Illinois, the 2nd from Virginia, the 4th is from the District of Criminals. I have been "driving" without a license, registration, or proof of insurance for many years. I do not show ID at airports, but I fly rather frequently. No TSA agent touches my junk. Your approach is too confrontational.

The better approach is to simply ask, "How can I help you?" and see what goes from there? "Why have I been stopped?" "Am I free to go?" Most of the time, it becomes a catch and release, and they let me go. In rare circumstances, they pull me out of my car and arrest me. If the former, not a big deal. If the latter, the day after I get out of jail, a federal 1983 suit gets filed. I then negotiate with the state to dismiss mine if they dismiss theirs.

Better to be polite and question them. If they violate your rights (as they always do), evidence can be suppressed and charges dismissed on that basis. The law is the sword fashioned by the Beast that can be wielded to slay his minions.