Comment: I agree with you that the evidence needs to be shown

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I agree with you that the evidence needs to be shown

and that it can be done in a way that, as you say, balances "taste and respect, with a public's right to know". Well put. I think your list is a good one; that stuff should have been released IMMEDIATELY. Even now they have had time to doctor things, but the withholding of that information only gets more unacceptable as time goes on.

The problem is that the evidence that they released pertaining to Columbine revealed the "official story" to be a fraud. For example, many witnesses described more than two shooters and even identified some of them BY NAME. It's right in the official police transcripts. See Evan longs excellent documentary The Columbine Cause for this evidence (also on YouTube). Absolute must see.

The same would likely happen with Sandy Hook. There is already evidence of multiple shooters (a sample of which is presented here) that came out on the day of the event, before the state police and Malloy administration swooped in to lay down the official story and control the flow of information. They've learned to crank up the obfuscation.