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Thanks for the feedback Rgnadkzin

I'll double check on the court cases. I didn't just pull the info out of the blue so either you or my resource is wrong. Probably my resource documents...

As far as being too confrontational...I've only had the opportunity to use this once...and I only gave the officer page 1 (which ends with the DL info)

The 2nd page I used as a cheat sheet when I very politely interacted with the officer. I created the last 2 pages in case I was not free to go. I was free to go so I never used them. Also I typed up the 4 questions at the end to hand out to officers when I come across them (not if I'm pulled over while driving) and to get some feedback from DP'ers.

What would be GREAT is if you could write up the specifics of what you do when you are stopped and how you manage to get through the airport without being molested.

Again, thanks for the feedback. I know it's always best to be nice to the cops and that is what I have always done...even before I "woke up" and educated myself. In fact, I was stopped 2 times when I had been drinking over the past 10 years and both times I passed the field sobriety tests and was allowed to go on my way. One time I had a full beer in a Gatorade bottle sitting right in the cup holder. (For the record, I don't drink and drive anymore...I rarely drink at all)