Comment: USS Stennis has been destroyed in SEVERAL films

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USS Stennis has been destroyed in SEVERAL films

The USS John C. Stennis has been destroyed/Crippled/ or Sank in SEVERAL Movies and Video Games:
(A) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the USS John C. Stennis is seen suffering catastrophic impact damage and then sinking (the ship's pennant number being clearly visible on the island in the scene).
(B) The Stennis was attacked on screen, in 2002's The Sum of all Fears she is crippled by Russian bombers equipped with anti-ship missiles.
(C) In the 2011 game Homefront, the carrier is seen half sunk just outside of Modesto, California.
(D) In the Tom Clancy novel Debt of Honor, the carrier is crippled by a Japanese Torpedo, though it is repaired.

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