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Deep thought on "good" and "bad"

Always leads to confusion, for me anyway. I'm glad we agree on this issue relating to guns anyway, sorry if I misunderstood.

I think your opinion that we all have a propensity to do evil is correct. But you can't refute the opinion that we have a propensity to "do the right thing" as well. We're all individuals with free will, and whether we do the right thing in any given situtation as opposed to doing evil can depend on a lot of things...whether you're wise or ignorant, how much value you place on personal honor and reputation, the strength of your capacity to empathize. Compare Josef Stalin to Ron Paul for instance...clearly, there's a very big difference in the nature of these two individuals. Most of us are not as "good" as Ron Paul and not as "evil" as Uncle Joe...we fall somewhere in between. I just don't think you can classify everyone as being either good or evil. They go together -- you can't have one without the other.