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I don't think so...

Everyone I know who likes Ron gives a thumbs down and shakes their head when it comes to Rand. These are hardcore Ron Paul supporters. They're purists. Rand has to win more than that, of course.

But as far as mass appeal, you need to be more ... mainstream. The dems will just roll out his endorsement for Christine O'Donnel (remembered her name), Todd Aiken, and his support for the definition of life amendment to the Constitution, and it will be all over. That is why the GOP will never allow him to be the nominee, any more than they'd allow Ron, Sarah Palin or Rick Santorum. On a national scale, all of those candidates get slaughtered.

Elections are popularity contests. Ryan has more appeal than Rand. He's taller, more handsome, and he smiles more. Better hair, too. Same for Rubio.

No doubt Rand will be 'part of the conversation' - just like Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin were.

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