Comment: people today are disconnected from reality.

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people today are disconnected from reality.

I find that when many people make a "no heat" service call, they do not even know what type of heat they have. this is especially true of people with heat-pumps.
most people today do not know that over 85% of our power comes from "fossil" fuels. they do not even know why they are called that. they think that wind and solar power is the answer but are not aware that A/C power cannot be stored even for a moment.
many are of the opinion that we have figured out gravity and that we know what is at the center of the earth when the fact is we do not.

so, I ask you, is it because of our human nature or is it because people have been dumbed down so dramatically? Democracy was invented by the Greeks, it has a very long and very brutal history of failures. the Romans figured out what the problem was and it made them great. fast forward 2000 years and today most people cannot tell you the difference between the two and are of the opinion democracy is great.
I am of the opinion that it is not natural for people to be that stupid. when people become that disconnected from reality. all they really can operate on is base instinct.