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i get that

i once had an older church lady call me a radical
because i told her i was voting for Ron Paul
she then went on to say,how safe would america be if RP was president
when them japs bombed Pearl Harbor,instead of FDR
i asked her if i could send her some info about what really happened
she told me flat out NO, and stopped talking to me
people get so ingrained in their thinking,even the truth
won't wake them up,but does scare them,and their way of thinking
it probably didn't help matters when i asked her"where in the bible
it says to go blow up brown people,who have never harmed us"
i was shocked,my thinking was church people would want the truth
and not be judgmental towards people of other skin colors,or
different religions
many things have shocked the crap out of me since i started reading
things not in our history books,but that church lady has been by far the biggest so far
if you can take anything of value from this,then my ink hasn't been wasted typing it

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence