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I don't think there's a pat answer

Some people have a propensity to do the right thing despite a bad upbringing, having no church, living in a society with unjust laws and social pressure to do evil. There are siblings who grow up with the same upbringing, church, laws and social pressure, yet one turns out to be a very good person, another one very bad...while a third sibling might be somewhere in between.

My own experience indicates that there's no such thing as 100% good and 100% bad people. Everyone I know, including myself, have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses...we all do both good and evil. Some more good than evil (Ron Paul) and others more evil than good (Stalin). Some very bad people change and become very good. Some very good people go bad at some point in their lives. I agree that people are affected by external influences, but external influences can't be the only factor involved due to some of the above examples.

And I shall wrap up this issue once and for all by saying that Ron Paul agrees with me on this subject. He believes the same as me. ;-)