Comment: Put Alternative Views in a "Kooky Bin"? MSM already does that.

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Put Alternative Views in a "Kooky Bin"? MSM already does that.

Listen, dude - I see that you have your own website and your own agenda - to promote yourself. But just because YOU narrow your focus to strictly economic & social issues, does not discredit others who believe - and logically so - that you can't discuss economic freedoms as separate from civil freedoms. The 2 go hand in hand.

THAT is the problem with your entire website.

You can't fix any economic injustices without addressing the CAUSE of economic injustice: Corruption.

9-11 is when our economic troubles got ramped into high gear - you want to ignore that the official story is obviously a LIE ?

Fake Terrorists on Planes took away civil and economic liberties - you want to ignore those facts?

Fake shootings are set to be the basis for the removal of MORE FREEDOMS - you want to turn a blind eye?

This is why your website will struggle - your ignorance of facts on major issues that DIRECTLY IMPACT the economic field hinders your ability to give a full-view analysis of the situation.

Open your eyes.
And don't try to separate those who are WILLING to dissect the "official stories" into some crackpot bin. That's how you enable the secrecy, and enable the corruption.

Get down-voted.