Comment: This is What Fighting for Liberty Looks Like

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This is What Fighting for Liberty Looks Like

Wake up, and get over it! The conspiracy concept is a means to separate people who understand how the world works from those who still believe in fairytales and a benevolent government. It is the heart and soul of what this movement is about. Yet many here are not able to accept the truth, and lobby for others to stop thinking for themselves. The idea that people have a problem with controversial questioning means that people here are not ready to accept the whole truth. Which is understandable, since we have been brainwashed from childhood on. This site has been about challenging the brainwashing to begin with. Yet, it is still difficult for a great number of people to accept that the nature of government is evil to begin with. It was Madison’s observation in Federalist 45 that we need government to protect us from bad people, but we must understand that bad people also exist in government, always. And, the balance of such a dilemma requires a strong constitution and a vigilant masses that enforces such. The founders understood that it is an enormous challenge to control government power and abuse. Apparently, we have failed miserably to heed the wisdom, and protect ourselves, as evidenced in the conspiracies that routinely succeed. Conspiracies are how every single bit of liberty and fairness has been taken away from us. If we don’t even recognize the extent of fraud, deception, and manipulation of the principles that are supposedly behind the purpose of our nation, and this site, then we are worthlessly pretending to be change for the better charlatans that are aiding the massive corruption by our government, and of no use whatsoever in the cause of justice. I for one say that the people who complain about the efforts of members here to question and investigate the government and these absurdly obvious false flags that control all our lives for the benefit of monied interests, should be considered as opposed to the Ron Paul movement, and not accepted as a legitimate voice until they grow up and support the fundamental principle behind this movement, which is that government is corrupt and the masses need to stand up to such immoral corruption. That’s how we win. Not by being gullible servants to the corruption. Wake up scared, sheepish DPers. This is what fighting for liberty looks like.