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Parent's Rights & Children Rights

Didn't you hear? We are BORN with our natural rights. They aren't granted to us by parents nor any body nor government. These are god-given rights, so parents and their control attempts on their children will always fail because FREEDOM trumps oppression!

Parents' rights as to what media they allow in their homes? Remember, it is their children's homes as well, nobody's rights shall be construed to abrogate another's!
Parents' responsibility is not control nor punishment - all of our responsibilities are our ACTIONS. If our actions are that of love, compassion, understanding, and peace, the children shall imitate these actions. Leave the attacks on freedom to the tyrants, for it is wise to distance ourselves from tyrants unless we wish to inherit a tyrant's sentence.

When children imitate our tyranny they will accept and imitate tyranny. When our children imitate our love and compassion then they will end tyranny!