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I support your actions

I support your rights to seek redress of issues from an individual store. The store manager should be cognizant of his customer’s needs, and try to address them.

But, I would ask if this really is the best way to attack the problem, or is it an attempt to avoid the real problem?

The trouble is not that publishers produce magazines like that, it’s not that the store owner sells them; it’s that people buy them. If television is ever on, and commercials have been seen (from birth), they have picked up far more from that already than any magazine aisle will ever show them. The magazines are simply reinforcement.

The indoctrination of society to that ideal has been going on since long before you or I were born. The only way to combat the problem is to expose it for what it is.

If a child’s curiosity is piqued in anyway, that is a perfect opportunity to discuss the propaganda that is emitted by these publications.

Education is the answer, not suppression. Children are far more capable of understanding than we give them credit for. I believe we shield our children too much and too long from the realities of the world. Even talking about sex shouldn’t be some taboo subject; that just makes it more interesting. Every opportunity to educate a child about whatever they are interested in should be seized.

It doesn’t mean that the mechanics of sex should be talked about with a 6 year old, but, they really don't want that info then anyway.

Children know what they can and can't learn; we should take our cues from them. Concepts can be simplified, but words and language should never be dumbed down.

It’s obviously more complex than this, but childhood is a time for programming the brain. Programming it for thinking is best accomplished from the very beginning. The propaganda is already out there when they are born. The only shield from the propaganda is real, informative education, and the ability to think critically.

As evidence of this, I submit the idea that "kids seem to be born knowing how to use technology".

Nothing is farther from the truth; they have simply taught themselves how to use a technology that was designed to be easy to learn. They can learn the rudimentary skills even before they learn to walk and talk.

They learn constantly, if they aren’t explicitly informed, they will pick up what knowledge they want implicitly, from their environment.
That’s how the ideals espoused in glamor magazines gains traction. ;)

In fact, they teach themselves the most important things.
When your child learned to walk, it was because he or she wanted to. A parent is there for guidance and encouragement only.

Just my view. Good luck. :)

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