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Real Liberty

Well- if those Ron Paul supporters were throwing ballons [sic] full of red crap at people -then they too deserve a good ass kicking.

Nowhere in the post states that these people were throwing balloons. What the post stated was the people who were protesting were attacked, force was used against them to silence them.

Your down-vote now stands as testimony to justifying this aggressive attack on those exercising their freedom to assemble and speech.

See, what you miss is at the end of the day REAL liberty is having the right to kick the shit out of someone who threatens you

Yes, we are all free to accept injustice if we so choose. We are also free to rebuke it and instead accept peace.

Liberty is a double edged sword, my friend. We are free to reap what we sow.
Tell me, how tastes the fruit from a tree of "REAL liberty"? The bitter fruit of tyranny... or the sweet fruit of compassion?