Comment: Language pollution is the problem.

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Language pollution is the problem.

I looked up entropy, to try and understand where you were coming from...
I found it alright.
thermodynamic laws are not ambiguous. a 5 ton system simply cannot do the work of a 10 ton system. a torch that burns at 3000 degrees cannot heat an office building.
I am dismayed that your application of the word entropy is correct. and since it is correct it makes it all that much more difficult to explain what I am talking about....
I have long been aware that people confuse the meaning of the words efficiency and capacity.
the machines I work on and study, consume the lions share of what we humans use.
and now I find out that if I use a compressor to pump a gas into a cylinder... I am increasing it's order? because it is less chaotic?

you have helped me to understand why my posts on energy get few responses. we are in the middle of a huge power failure due to a storm where I live, I spent the day yesterday patching in a large generator to a frozen food warehouse who is a customer of mine. today was in the boiler room of a high rise old folks home getting the heat back on.
it both worries and fascinates me that people are willing to wait until I can get there to do the work.
in the past I would use the word entropy to explain to guys why something would do something 100 times out of 100 times.
many guys have used me to gain just enough knowledge to be dangerous. to my mind this is a shame. for I cannot claim credit for inventing any of the things I work on.
from you I have learned that I will need to quantify my meaning of the word entropy before I use it.
this will add another layer of difficulty for them to understand me.
but that is not my problem.