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The Name on the Map

Yes, you are talking about artistic expression, which comes from personal experiences.
And what was in the movie was a prop of a map which was already named. Given this fact, there was no opportunity for an artist to have to create such an artistic expression. It had to be consciously changed and is supposedly the only name that was changed. More startling, it wasn't just any part of the map that was changed, it was the place where a terrorist strike was going to occur.

Even given these facts, is it possible that this coincidence was just an artistic expression as you say? Yes, it still is...

But don't let one possibility remove the apparent facts: This was a prop that was changed for a movie which played out during a mass shooting in Aurora supposedly by the property master who dies an untimely (accidental) death which was reported by a United Nations committee person.

Coincidences, yes... But bizarre coincidences with suspicious connections regardless!