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And NOTHING will ever happen

And NOTHING will ever happen to such a valuable ship

Gulf of Tonkin (No one would ever use an attack on a ship to push a political purpose)
USS Liberty (yeah Sponge, The Navy would NEVER lie about an attack on a ship)

If you read what I wrote, I said the MIC wouldn't sacrifice a Carrier and its battle group. I also made the distinction that a minor ship may indeed be sacrificed in such a way. The USS Liberty was not a carrier, or even a frigate. It was an intelligence ship of little value. That's assuming, of course, that the United States government allowed it to be attacked by the Israelis during the Six Day War. I'm not sure what point you're trying to prove here, since we didn't intervene against the Israelis. Try to keep up, and not mix your conspiracies. They don't all fit together, you know.

(USS Cole, 2000 The Crew's alertness and radar calibrations were F-ing pinpoint there Sponge)

Actually, you're comparing apples and oranges. The procedures of a ship when it is at sea and when it is entering port are completely different, especially when entering a foreign port. I can speak with some authority on this having served in the Navy before the Cole bombing. I actually trained several members of that particular crew in damage control. I'm given to understand some of them didn't make it home. I can only assume that they died doing their duty in keeping with the best traditions of our Naval service. Here's where we screwed up with the Cole: the ship pulled into port without men on the guns, which was the normal procedure at the time. We didn't want to offend our Yemeni hosts. That won't happen again. It had nothing to do with the performance of the crew - in fact that crew performed above and beyond the call of duty on that fateful day. Please do not sully the memory of some good, honest, down-to-earth folks who died through no fault of their own by including them in your insane conspiracies.

(Yeah an I saw a TV show were The government flew a plane into the World Trade Center to boost arms sales: )

Neither here nor there. A thousand monkeys hammering on a thousand typewriters will eventually produce MacBeth, if you give them enough time. That is, unless you are implying that Chris Carter and the rest of the X-Files/Lone Gunmen team had advance knowledge of 9/11. In that case, they are awful people for not alerting us. In any other case, you're just outing yourself as a batshit-insane 9/11 truther (of which there are many here, and they are all as batshit-insane as you are). One of the hazards of reading the DP, sometimes you get to read posts from people who are two bricks shy of a load.