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I remember when I was young

I remember when I was young and first started working and then starting learning about income tax. My questions to my parents were somewhere along the lines of "what right does the government have to force me to pay these taxes". Little did I know that even though I tried to convince myself that the reasons people provided to me made sense that later in my adulthood I would again question the basis of an income tax. The most troubling thing to me has always been how income tax is collected through the employer instead of my just having to pay it myself like independent contractors do. Now I realize that if people were to be responsible to save up a portion of their income themselves to give to the government at the end of the year that many people would find themselves coming up short which means that those people don't value the services of the government enough to responsibly save aside what is supposedly owed to the government.

I personally think that reforming income tax collection could be one of the biggest game changers. If there is any way that a critical mass of people would refuse to pay income tax as a protest then we would have much more power over our government. The problem with this is that we don't first take ownership of our income, it is handed over from your employer over to the government directly in most case without our consent. If there are any legal means to back out of this policy and take responsibility of our own taxes without any government burdens or fees I think we should invest in researching and publicizing the steps to do so that we could begin to take control of our income and hold the possibility of withholding payment of taxes in the future as a form of protest. If there is a critical mass they won't be able to put us all in jail.

I want to add that I realize that if the federal government doesn't get money from taxes they can still print and borrow and continue on their way, but without taxes it becomes apparent that any spending that is done is done without the will of the people or at least the people who refuse to pay in protest.

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