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None of this was in the national interest, except in terms of the anti-gun agenda. Not to seem insensitive, because I am very sensitive to the entire issue, this was not an attack on a federal facility or "the nation". It was, as tragic and horrible as it was, a local tragedy, an attack on local children in a local elementary school by a deranged scumbag from that locality. It was not an attack on the nation, except in that it has become an attack on the nation's Constitutional protections by egotistical, misguided, and self-serving politicians and television personalities.
If this is to be discussed on the national level, the focus should be on the question of WHY so many of our people are becoming mentally unstable and committing these self-destructive acts? So much attention is put on these mass murders, but there are many more people who only kill themselves. I have often heard, "Why don't they just kill themselves rather than go murder people?" Well, THEY DO. Our military suicides in the past year have exceeded combat deaths. That is just military...doesn't even include the suicides in the U.S.! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? We can outlaw every inaniminate object imaginable and this problem will continue until it is properly addressed. And don't think our politicians are not aware of these facts. If I am aware of it, our political so-called "leaders" are damn well aware of it.