Comment: They are destined to lose for

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They are destined to lose for

They are destined to lose for one unalterable reason: We have the numbers, and they don't. If only 1% of American gunowners are left to fight for liberty, that would mean 2,400,000 guns in the hands of 750,000 Patriots fighting a guerrilla war on their own territory. Think of it this way: even if the USG were ever 99% successful, it still leaves nearly 21 times the IRA's per capita numbers that has fought the British empire to a standstill for generations. (I am not championing the IRA or its terrorism. I'm only noting the historical fact that a handful of riflemen can mire whole armies.) So, please, enough whining about future gun confiscation efforts-they cannot succeed![1]

[1] Boston T. Party, Boston's Gun Bible (revised) (Colorado: Javelin Press, 2002), 39/10