Comment: Nor me.

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Nor me.

And nowhere in this lecture is it praised. I would probably agree with you as well about 'organised' religion implying as that does some form of coercion or political control, which religious faith has no business being involved with. Of course your opinions about the import of the Bible and what it tells us are coming from your own perspective, which I disagree with. The words of the Bible and the spirit of its message however are separate from any 'priest class' you would like to paint them with. I could remind you for instance that during the reformation many thousands of vernacular Bibles were burned, people massacred and wars fought by that very same priest class you speak of, to prevent ordinary people from reading the Bible for themselves, and forming their own opinion of it.

Would you not agree, regardless of the Biblical foundation of Pastor Baxter's analysis, that his insights into Roosevelt's plans and the formation of the UN are relevant to this discussion of war and Liberty in the world today? Or didn't you get that far.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.