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Irwin Schiff. Peter Schiff's dad is in jail for income tax evasion.

Not to sound like a know it all on federal taxes, but...if you don't know:
1.The difference between an indirect tax and a direct tax, and which one the Federal income tax is...
2. Whether the tax is laid on poperty or on a privilege...

3. The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion.
4. What the code (Title 26) means when it says a tax is laid on the taxable income (and how that pre-supposes that something called NON-taxable income exists). hmmm. I wonder what THAT is??
5. What Supreme Court decision (That is still good law, meaning never overturned) determined that the 16th amendment has no effect on the income tax, and what that means.

6. how payroll clerks who know next to nothing about the Code (Title 26) falsly classify earnings as "taxable income" and give over this false info to the IRS. Then, most private sector earners ignorantly verify this info as correct on their return filed under penalty of perjury, giving the IRS the ability to lay a "legal" claim to property they otherwise would not touch.
I could go on, but for the purposes of legitimate civil disobedience, would it not be an even sweeter protest by actually OBEYING the law and NOT paying??? Here's the best part: You're a Government employee?? YOU PAY! That's right, the law applies to you and your pay is taxable income!!
Need more info on this? contact me: WSHIELDS@COMCAST.NET I will show you where the info is. No scam, nothing to buy. It's all free.

“...taxes are not raised to carry on wars, but that wars are raised to carry on taxes”
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man