Comment: Honestly, I do not say this to be belligerent.

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Honestly, I do not say this to be belligerent.

WHO is responsible for arresting traitors? Surely somewhere in this giant police state, someone is charged with responsibility for arresting people charged with treason. Who files the charges? We have a legal process, it is corrupt but if the people RISE UP and demand JUSTICE, we don't have to wait for door to door shoot outs. Australia needs shamed for this, but to those who are reacting emotionally this will only look like proof that gun owners are mass murderers waiting for an excuse.
The gun grab is on, we have to stop it PEACEFULLY. If there is any law left in this land, we must use it NOW.
HOW DO WE ARREST THESE PEOPLE? The Constitution is quite clear on what is a right, and what it is to try to deny the people a right.
And do not tell me I have to do it. If that is really how the law of this land is set up, then I guess it is "chaos" and I'll just sit back and wait for them to come shoot me, put a gun in my hand and call it "suicide" and you all can decide if you are going down like Croc. Truth is the weapon of choice. Put these people in front of a Grand Jury, not on TV and for the love of God, do not let this be made law.

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