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I don't know what you are talking about.

Um, yeah: parents have a right as to what media they allow in their homes, as opposed to government censorship. (Where'd that come from, you're saying that the gov't doesn't "grant" rights? That wasn't at issue.) Secondly, parents have the responsibility to raise their children, as opposed to children having the responsibility to raise themselves - which includes setting parameters. I think you have a misguided understanding of child development to equate that with "tyranny." But no problem. If you believe children are "BORN" with a "natural right" to play, say, Grand Theft Auto... if you do *not* believe that it is up to parents, i.e., the adults in the family, to set parameters for their households re media and otherwise, you can allow your children to play whatever computer games they want, stay up as late as they want, eat just cereal and macaroni & cheese if they want, or whatever else a 3-year old or 13-year old might prefer to do. It's a free country. We can all raise our children as we see fit - well, at least as long as we're flying the U.S., not U.N., flag.

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