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Hellava great fight and I'm LOVING it!!!!

Especially since I'm no longer alone on my committee. It's the most fun, the best political experience of my lifetime. I am learning so much.. It's surreal.. everything I thought the GOP was.. everything MSM told me.. I was under the influence of MSM, and that's the way MSM works to keep the GOP as it is. I thought I was awake.. all those decades of sign waves, protests, rallies, petition drives, the letters.. all that wasted time and effort.. I thank Ron Paul for inviting me to join the GOP, and I thank God I did. My only regret is not joining the GOP in 07 when he asked me.

We are winning, and while YOU, on the outside, under MSM influence and full of self righteousness that wins us NOTHING, and feeds into losing us what we have gained, IOWs, DESPITE YOU and the likes of Romney, and Preibus, and tptb, we RP RepubliCANs are winning, getting stronger, smarter, better at ROO, inniatives, resolutions, bills, acts, platforms, national, federal, state and local laws..

Yes, this is the best political experience of my life. I am an elected RP CAN on a committee and fighting for freedom from tyranny and bringing liberty to my county and state and helping those in others the best of my ability.

And what are you doing and how's that working by comparison?

We've got SENATOR Rand Paul, RP leading C4L, Amash to Blosser and many many more wonderful, remarkable, worthy rEVOLutionaries who are way beyond waving signs, but will be happy to use the GOP resources to do that too.