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Agreed; at least I'm here now!

This film was from 2004. Amazing that 8 years have passed and we've not put any of the conspirators behind bars.

I noticed something, around 50 minutes in, the host is discussing the formation of the 9/11 Commission. Bush appointed Henry Kissinger to lead it. He did so 411 days after the event.

The film contrasts this to single-digit "days later" response times for other events (many of which were false flags), and stresses that this was out of the ordinary for response time.

What I wonder is, are these numbers significant?

A few minutes before that, it was stated that Henry Kissinger knew the date 9/11 very well, as it was on that date that he helped overthrow a foreign government. So it is really interesting that the WTC event happened on the same date. A date that is also our emergency response phone number, and is also a time that most Americans are awake, so most of us will have a chance to have a twice-daily reminder.

The new data to me is that the number of days after, 411, aligns with the phone number for information.

Note that I'm not saying there's any link between this, just that the numbers seem interesting and thus there might have been a plan.

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